Initial Pondering….

Well, this is my first official blog post. I’m not really sure what this blogging thing will lead to but for some reason I feel compelled to do it. I used to be very much into writing. I would write poetry, letters, songs…. you name it. I’m not sure where that part of me has gone over the last few years but I’m hoping to reignite some of that creativity in the coming months and years. I’m sure it’s all been lost to things like career, education, and just life. Not that any of those things are negative

I’ve decided to pick my guitar back up and start playing again. I plan on auditioning for my church (New Life Church – Conway, AR) worship team. Now, I’m not an accomplished guitar player or vocalist but I do enjoy playing and I suppose I’m decent enough to have played in front of people before and not get booed from the stage, (wait isn’t that what all the American Idol contestants on the reject reel say?). At one time music was what I thought my life was. I’m a trained trumpeter. I studied Jazz Performance and Recording in college for awhile in Kansas City.

I began to pick up guitar a little bit by just fooling around with an acoustic guitar and this cool poster I got from Wal-Mart that had a bunch of guitar chords on it. Hahahah…. it’s funny now that I look back on it. So technically I’m a better and more proficient trumpet player. I know God has given me an ability but I haven’t quite figured out yet how he desires for me to use it. So until I can figure that out or he shows me clearly I’ll just continue to look for opportunities to play in whatever capacity I can.

I dreamed of being a professional musician at one time. I guarantee that the majority of my current friends don’t even know that I have any musical ability at all. I’m not sure why I’ve suppressed that part of me but it’s gone by the wayside over time. I really miss it but it seems like a lifetime ago. It seems so long ago that my once strong confidence in my abilities has weakened a little bit. I’m determined however not to let that shaken confidence get in the way of rekindling something that I love.

I’ve gotta get to practicing.


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