Bathroom Etiquette in the Men’s Room…… (Repost from MySpace)

This is a post I put on MySpace last year sometimes. I feel so strongly that everyone should know this information that I decided to post it here on my blog spot. Oh yea, the posts you see after my initial post are replies from a couple of my buddies. Pretty entertaining replies.

Read on…..

Wednesday, December 20, 2006Pet-Peeves Surrounding Etiquette in the Men’s Room!
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Ok, this particular post may have multiple installments as I’m continually surprised and disgusted by stuff I see in the men’s restroom almost anywhere I go.

#1. Why do guys walk into a restroom, stand over a urinal, commence to urinating, and whilst in mid-stream flush the urinal and just stand there? Do people not realize what is sprayed into the air when you flush a toilet? Those dudes are standing there breathing in urine germs of which may not be their own. Freaking SICK!

#2. I can’t handle when people come out of the #2 stall and just walk out of the bathroom. WASH YOUR HANDS YOU FILTHY ANIMAL. At the very least these folks should have to wear a badge that says, “Don’t shake my hand, I have fecal matter on them.” Ok, last one for now……

#3. Why do dudes, (and I’ve seen this multiple times) walk into the bathroom, stand over the urinal, commence to doing their business and then all of a sudden spit into the urinal? I’ve failed to understand this phenomenon. Is their a rule or code that I missed out on at the last International Men’s Convention? What is it about pissing at a urinal and spitting? Lots of people do this and I don’t understand why.

Anyway…… if anyone has any thoughts or explanations on these thoughts I’d be interested to read them.
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dude.. i am so with you on the first 2, but the spitting thing is actually alot better an option than you realize. i have been guilty of such a maneuver many times and here is why. say you have a loogey been building up for the last hour or so… do you spit in a trash can around the office or wherever you might be, or do you wait and spit it into the urinal that will soon flush away all memories of such a horrific throat terd? you be the judge and jury my friend, but i will continue to send me gren goblins to a urinal mortuary:)

but please guys.. do wash your filthy paws after touching your wang and/or nasty butts!

Posted by ben on Wednesday, December 20, 2006 at 11:02 AM
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What I got from your post to this blog entry:

-Throat Terd
-Gren Goblins

Posted by Jon on Wednesday, December 20, 2006 at 11:05 AM
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OK this is why I freaking love both of you, Jon and Ben. Ben, because you’re freaking hilarious, and Jon because only you would dedicate your entire blog to tell the world why everyone annoys you. So allow me to join in on some disgusting bathroom observations…

1. I’ve begun noticing that almost every urinal that I use has a puddle right in front of it, or the glossy, dried up footprint of a preexisting puddle. Dude, is it that common for men to miss a freaking urinal? I mean, it’s in front of and below your package, so how could that happen in every bathroom I visit? It’s like dudes do there business and just as they’re done, they take a step back and offer a little dribble to any thirsty instects that might wander into the bathroom… just in case.

2. I always seem to find myself next to the dude that steps up to the urinal and blows the loudest, nastiest farts ever while he’s pissing, and just stares at the wall and sighs like no one heard that. It’s like, dude, if you’re having butt problems, perhaps you should have made a different porcelain selection.

3. And what about that dude that always talks to you while you’re both standing there with your goodies hanging out. Really, you want to talk now?

Posted by Russ on Tuesday, December 26, 2006 at 9:01 PM
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Russ, you touched on another important, and often ignored restroom rule. In the men’s rooms whilst standing next to another dude and handling each their own package… there shall be no turn of the head to the right or to the left, no eye contact and no speaking until the package has been recessed into the pants and both individuals are standing at the sink WASHING THEIR HANDS. Even at this point.. there shall be no eye contact until both individuals have left the confines of the restroom.

Posted by Jon on Thursday, March 08, 2007 at 9:48 AM


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