What am I doing right now? I’m researching Steve Jobs (Apple CEO and Co-founder) for a paper and presentation that I have to do in less than one week. I’m facinated by Steve Jobs and his business/management style. I don’t really consider myself a techy person. I do work in a tech environment but….. Well, anyway… I’ll leave it at that. I’m much more interested in how people work, what motivates them, what really speaks to them and makes them react.

Steve Jobs is techy but he’s also a thinker; a tech-philosopher of sorts maybe. He’s not all about selling the most “units”. He’s about innovation, doing things that no one else is doing. He’s about designing products and applications that are unlike anything else on the market and in doing so creating a brand that sets the trends. The guy is a visionary and is best at birthing new ideas and concepts.

Jobs has impacted Hollywood. You can be sure that a MAC has probably been used on most every movie produced in the last several years. Every musical artist uses a MAC in the recording studio, in editing, in CD cover/insert design, and then in production. Heck, he gave us iTunes for crying out loud. The record companies said it’d never work; that subscription services were the way to go. Jobs and Apple told them that people wanted to have the choice to purchase the songs they wanted and not lose their music once their subscription was up. Steve Jobs was instrumental in the development and success of PIXAR animation studios. The guy has touched and had an influence on almost every facet of pop-culture that we experience today.

I think much can be learned by studying this guys philosophies on business.

Hey Wait….. I think I just wrote the intro to my paper! Sweet!


P.s.- Oh, by the way, the only piece of Apple equipment I own is an iPOD. Go figure.
(Edit 10.5.2011) – looking back on this blog on the evening that Steve Jobs passed. Since then I’ve purchased two MacBooks, two iPhones and two iPads. Not only have I drank the kool aid but I’ve been bathing in it. – R.I.P Steve Jobs


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