V-Day Success!

So yesterday was Valentine’s day and it was a smashing success.  What I did was create a video for Trina.  I put together a bunch of photos from the day she delivered our son Grant.   The video was nothing fancy (I haven’t taken the time to learn “fancy” yet) but it was something that I put to music and added some transitions and “what not”.   <I like using the term “what not” when I can >

Anyway, I figured Trina would really like it and I was right.  I got a few tears out of her as well, so I know it was a success.  We had dinner at the house together with Grant and then we all loaded up and went to San Francisco Bread Co. for some dessert.  The girl behind the counter hooked Grant up with a free cookie (looks get him everything….) and then when we decided on some plain cheesecake with caramel and chocolate, the girl hooked us up with two for the price of one!  Man, what a deal!

Anyway, then we went home and chilled and just hung out together.  Although fairly uneventful, it was a good night had by all.  We may try to go out to dinner tonight and there is an artist by the name of Monty Montgomery that is playing at Juanita’s tonight.  We may try to go to that as well.   We’ll see……..


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