Trina’s Valentine’s Day present 2008….

I’ve been asked several times recently about what I did for Trina’s Valentine’s day gift this year. The video/slideshow below is what I put together for Trina. I figured she’d probably cry…. and she did. SWEET SUCCESS!!

It was funny though, because later on that night as we were driving around she said, “Did you notice how there weren’t very many pictures of my family in that video but your parents were in it quite a bit?” Hahahahah….. I was like, “Yea, but those photos were of Grants delivery and at 3 am those were the only people there.” Trina’s family lives out of town and weren’t there ’til the next morning.

So… there will be a Directors cut coming out with additional footage in the near future.


Oh and by the way… I’m not this cheap to only give her this video I put together… I did make a stop at a popular women’s “under garments” store. 😉


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