Definitely, Maybe ???

Ok, so I have to come clean and make a confession right here on my blog. I LIKE CHICK FLICKS! Ok! I said it, I like chick flicks. Now, I don’t like to watch them by myself (because that would be less than manly), but I do like to watch them with Trina (my wife). I think it appeals to my sensitive side or whatever (cough, spit, crotch adjustment). I guess I am some what of a romantic deep down inside somewhere.

I think what I like about these movies is that they make you “feel”. Comedy typically makes you laugh, and action flicks give you that adrenaline rush, but these love story type movies really make you feel something in your gut. We’ve all been in love at one time or another. We’ve all had our hearts broken. We’ve all (or will at some point) experience the butterflies and utopia induced by the excitement of the early stages of a relationship.

Anyway…. Trina and I went and saw the new movie Definitely, Maybe starring Ryan Reynolds and Abigail Breslin. Abigail Breslin has been in a ton of movies lately and does a great job acting as a cute little kid. I don’t want to give any of the movie away but I thouht it was a good one.

I’m not sure any movie these days is worth paying freaking $7 for a matinee ticket (but that’s for another blog post), but a good time was had. Trina and I really enjoy going out to the movies together and it’s just money right?

Oh, also, I thought the title of this movie sounded familiar and then I realized where I remember it from. I believe Oasis’ debut album here in “the States” was titled Definitely Maybe. I thought that was a great album, but I am an Oasis fan so….. take that for what you will.


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