It’s been awhile…..

Well, it’s awhile since I posted on this blog but I’ve been sort of in a haze. I am a very focused and single minded person at times, so when I’m working on something or focused on a particular goal it’s hard to get my mind off of it and onto other “wonderings” which I might blog on.

I’ve been working as of late on getting myself into good shape (when am I not working on that one). So my mind has kinda been consumed with eating at the right time, the right stuff, working out, sleeping, etc…. Sometimes I think I’m good at multi-tasking and then other times…..not so much.

Anyway, I sold my guitar about a week ago because I really needed to upgrade. The guitar I had was great when I got it like 10 years ago (and didn’t know anything about a good sounding guitar) but I realized I needed/wanted something that sounded better. God has really re-birthed the desire in me to play some music. Ever since I shipped my guitar off I’ve just had this ache to strum around on a guitar and learn some new songs. So I’m visiting a guitar store every day at lunch and “test driving” guitars in hopes that one will just jump out at me.

I’d love to get a Taylor guitar of some sort but I just can’t justify dropping that kind of money on a guitar at this time. Maybe later. I was recently added to the singing ensemble at church(also known as a choir but I think that sound real old fashioned and weird since I’m an instrumentalist) and sang at my first scheduled event this past Friday. It was a women’s event at the church and it was really fun to be using the talents that God has given me again. I originally auditioned for our church’s worship team on guitar and vocals but I don’t think my showing was that strong (I hadn’t picked up my guitar in 2 years). Anyway, I was asked to sing in the “choir” instead. I originally wasn’t too sure what to think about that. I almost took it as a failure because it wasn’t what I’d set out to accomplish but after thinking about it more I realized that that is where God wants me to start out. I’m taking as a lesson in humility really. You see, I’ve always been used to being the best at my instrument (trumpet). All through school I was the top at what I did so when I missed the mark on this audition it kind of bruised my ego at first but I think it was really a lesson that God had for me in humility. I must say that I’m actually enjoying the process and feel like there is a lot to be learned from this experience.

I’m just glad to be in a musical environment and setting again. Hanging out with other musicians and being given the opportunity to use those talents that God has given me and express myself in that way.

Ok…. now I’m rambling…..



  1. I think you had really good competition back in the day on the trumpet too!!!

    I am glad that God has brought music back to the forefront…I can’t believe you went 2 years without playing.

    I know that God is going to use this time to build you in HIM!!!



  2. The competition wasn’t bad…..

    Yea, I’m glad too. I just know that I don’t want God asking my what I did with the gifts he gave me and me having to say, “Nothing”.

    I believe God will use this time to build me. I pray that.



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