Hairy @ O’Hare….

So I’m stuck in the Chicago O’Hare International airport this evening. They canceled all the flights (except for that one to Louisville that I saw boarding as I was walking to the area where there are cots provided by the airport). This must be kinda what it is like to be in a catastrophe center or a barracks after a hurricane hits or something. This is what I imagine it must have been like after Katrina hit and all those people were sleeping on cots in gymnasiums and places like that. Obviously this isn’t a situation like that at all…. but still there’s a bunch of cots in here and strange people sleeping all around me.

Ok, checklist:

1. Wallet …. check
2. Cell phone alarm set….. check
3. My feet not in some other dudes face….. check (but who cares really).
4. Bag full of electronics and other valuables inconspicuously hidden under my shirt….check

Ok, I guess I can call it a night and hope for things to be better in the morning.


OH wait…. random thought. I think it’d be fun to strip down to my boxers and just walk around the airport like I was at home or something. Hahahahah…. I wonder what kind of reactions I’d get. Hmmm……


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