Ok, so maybe holidays aren’t worthless……..

This father’s day weekend was a really good weekend. It was so great because Grant is talking so good and communicating so much now that he could say “Happy Father’s Day Daddy”. And what was cute was the fact that he told me that several times over the weekend on various occasions. I’m sure he was prompted a few times by his momma but this one particular time that was cute was when Trina had brought home a yummy Turkey, Bacon, an Ranch sandwich from Arby’s for us to split and she gave the bag to Grant to bring to me. He came in the living room where I was watching TV and he said, “Here ya go daddy… Happy Father’s Day”. Hahahah…. I mean, that’s the stuff that just makes getting up to go to work every morning at 5 am worth it. To make sure that that little guy (and his mom) is taken care of makes everything I do (that I sometimes don’t like) worth doing.

He doesn’t care if Daddy likes getting up and going to work every day or not. He doesn’t care if Daddy likes stressing over school work to better himself to hopefully provide a better life for his family or not. Grant doesn’t concern himself with any of that stuff and it’s great that he doesn’t have to. All I want him to know is that he’s loved, that he’s safe and secure, and that his mommy and daddy love each other very much. Those are the things that I want him to know.

I try to make a point to tell him several times a day that Daddy loves him and that Daddy is very proud of him. I don’t know if he knows what Daddy being proud of him means right now, but he will and that will be so important to him very soon. Knowing that his Dad is proud of him will give him such a boost to his confidence and in knowing who he is. My goal is to produce a secure and confident young man that knows that his dad always has his back and that he can come and talk to me at any time about anything without fear of my coming down on him. To do that I may have to correct him and stear him in the right direction from time to time but I want to do it in love so that he knows that I only have his best interests in mind.

Although I typically think that most of the holidays that we observe in this country are commerically driven and bogus…. I think I like Mother’s Day and Father’s day. Not only because I get to hear my son say, “Happy Father’s Day daddy”, but because it causes me to reflect on what it is to be a Dad and how blessed I am to hold that position in my son’s life.

I am blessed.



  1. you are absolutely blessed! you have such a precious little boy (and wife of course)! 🙂 i can’t even begin to imagine what that feels like to have a little person rely on you – wow! what an awesome job you have! 🙂



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