What a day of encouragement……

There’s not really any one thing I want to point to this evening but God has really sent several encouraging words to me today through different friends. God is so amazing when you really do your best to follow his lead. REALLY following his lead is something new to me I think. I mean I think all of us would like to think that we follow God and abide by his plan but I’m not really sure that I always have. It’s almost like giving yourself “lip service”. Not that I’ve arrived or anything but I can definitely see God doing things lately even in small ways.

Like earlier this week I was feeling a little downish. I think it was a combination of different things. The weather here isn’t my kind of weather, away from the family, and the magnitude of starting a business kinda hit me. Plus I’d been forgetting to have some time with God in the mornings. I’m out of my morning routine here so it kinda slipped my mind. So the past couple of mornings I’ve been focusing on just talking to God a little, and yesterday/last night I just really asked him to encourage me in some way and to confirm what I’m doing, and today my day started off immediately with a call from a friend that really had some encouraging words (and I don’t talk to this friend much). Then I’ve received several other messages via email and/or Facebook from people really encouraging me. It’s almost like God is saying, “you asked for encouragement… and so here ya go”.

Thank you Lord…..


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