Day Two – More, more, and more Information

Today started off much less intimidating than yesterday but of course ended up with plenty of financials and reporting. We discussed things like Menus, products, recipes, and pricing. We discussed finding good employees and methods on interviewing and training. We talked a lot about pre-opening strategies, marketing and advertising, and branding.

One point the instructor emphasized several times was that, “the 3 things you have to do to be successful in this business are: 1. control costs of goods, 2. control labor (costs), and build sales.” He mentioned this several times so I figured those were were important things to keep in mind.

Tomorrow begins the real fun. For the next four days we’ll be learning how to make these great specialty drinks. SUPER PUMPED!

I wish I had the mental capacity to talk more about what we did today but it’s late and I’m beat. More to come tomorrow.


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