Rwanda – Day 2

Our group at Cafe Continental (very authentic Rwandan food).

Today we had the opportunity to attend the consecration of the new Archbishop of Rwanda.  We drove from Kigali to Musanze which took approximately two hours through mountainous terrain and poorly maintained roads.   When we arrived in Musanze we realized that the whole town had pretty much shutdown in order to be able to attend this event.  President Paul Kagame even made a surprise visit (we knew he was coming) to the event.  Apparently he pulled up to the hotel that the event was being held at driving his own Range Rover (with security detail in tow).

It rains here quite a bit.  When I say it rains, it pours.  Right now we’re hanging out at the Bridge 2 Rwanda house in Musanze.  We’re hanging on the back patio/breeze way with the two TOMS representatives and just talking about the company culture at TOMS.  Wow what a cool place TOMS shoes is and their people are super super cool.

After talking with the TOMS folks for a good while, Kris Allen and his wife showed up (I’m actually typing this post while Kris is sitting right next to me) and we’ve been hanging out with them all night.  They’ve been gracious enough to answer all of our questions about their life now and are just extremely down to earth folks.

This has been an amazing experience already and we’ve only been here for a day.  This place is beautiful and the people are so nice.  It’s really nothing like most people think of African nations I’m sure.  Of course from what we’ve heard, it’s not really like other African nations, it’s much more progressive at this point.

Well, I’m looking forward to the experiences tomorrow has to offer and I’ll be sure to try and blog about it.



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